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Liquid Leech

Liquid Willowcat Liquid Leech – Review

Liquid Leech from Liquid Willowcat Liquid Willowcat contacted me a while back asking if I would like to test out their new plastic, the Liquid Leech. The Liquid Leech is a 3.5″ leech shaped plastic. It is scented with attractant, UV enhanced, and aims to realistically mimic a natural leech. Meant to target walleye, trout, and similar game fish, I…

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Fishing Spot Review: Black Lake

What is Black Lake? Black Lake, home to some of my best and worst fishing and camping trips. This lake holds a special place in my heart, and every time I think it’s hit a low point and get fed up with it, it draws me back in with a new high. Located in Nopiming Provincial Park, Black Lake is…

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tooth lake review

Fishing Spot Review: Tooth Lake

What is Tooth Lake? One of my favorite lakes, Tooth Lake is located in Nopiming Provincial Park. A very clear lake with loads of structure for its local inhabitants, it is approximately a 2.5-3 hour trip from Winnipeg. Once there, you can either portage or drive in the 1 km to the water. The drive in is rough (but not…

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the Red River catfish

Fishing Spot Review: The Red River

Ah the Red River. I grew up seeing this River almost every day, but never really appreciated it until recently. Fishing the Red River is an extremely common pastime here. Despite the large angling pressure it receives throughout the year, however, it still provides a productive and accessible fishing experience. What is the Red River? A big river with some…

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Lil Hustler

Lil’ Hustler Husslin’ the Panfish – The Hookup

Lil’ Hustler from Southern Pro It’s been a while since I did a Hookup review, and this one is all about that Hustle. Specifically, the Lil’ Hustler from Southern Pro Tackle. I received this in a box early in my Mystery Tackle Box subscription, and just this winter finally tried them out. Although this was my first real season going…

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ball tail grub

Ball Tail Grub, from Crazy Hick Baits – The Hookup

Ball Tail Grub from Crazy Hick Baits This week’s Hookup review is about the Ball Tail Grub, from Crazy Hick Bait Co. I received this in my Ice Fishing Elite box from Simple Fishing. Although I had never before really targeted panfish, I loved the look and action of these plastics. It was not too long after opening this box…

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hatch spin

Hatch Spin, get deep! From Lunkerhunt – The Hookup

The Hatch Spin, from Lunkerhunt Hey everyone, for today’s review I am talking about the Hatch Spin, from Lunkerhunt. This came to me in a box from Simple Fishing, a Canadian focused fishing tackle subscription box. I have received a few of these lures over the last year. The realistic paint job and solid metal body always impress me. One of…

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Larva, fits in with the bugs, by Fanatik Baits – The Hookup

The Larva, from Fanatik Lures The review today is for the 3.5″ Larva plastic, from Fanatik Baits.  This came to me in a box from Simple Fishing, a Canadian focused fishing tackle subscription box. I had received a few packs of Fanatik plastics in previous RLM Elite boxes, and was always impressed by the quality. The Larva immediately reminded me of the mayfly…

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