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New Year’s Giveaway

Happy New Year’s to everyone, I hope everyone had a great holiday and stayed safe and responsible. To celebrate the start of 2019 I am giving away a bunch of fishing gear! Details Entering the draw is easy! Each person can get 2 draw entries. Follow the links below to both the Facebook post and the Instagram post about this…

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Lake Shaker, Hosted by FortWhyte Alive

Happy to announce that True North Wilds is a sponsor to this years Lake Shaker event. This is a party hosted by FortWhyte Alive, in Winnipeg Manitoba. It is a sell out event every year, and features live music, bar, food, and special events like axe throwing. For this year, I was delighted to be able to donate door prizes…

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Backyard Forge, a fun DIY project

It was a beautiful day out today, and I felt guilty about sitting in the basement doing nothing, so this afternoon I decided to build a backyard forge. I’ve had a forge in my backyard before, a couple summers ago. It worked really well but it was something I built as a temporary ‘proof of concept’ sort of project, and…

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Gearing up for Spring

Spring is right around the corner, likely earlier than usual here in south east Manitoba if the last few weeks are any indication. That means a couple things for me; that I am starting to get stir crazy and sick of the cold, and that I kill time by prepping all my fishing gear. I am somewhat obsessive about organizing…

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A dark country road

It started off as a fairly typical night. The wife had gone to bed and I was sitting up at the computer, bored, not ready to sleep, watching the hours crawl by. I was feeling restless, and decided that instead of pacing around the house and waking up my wife, I would take the puppy for a walk. She (the…

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