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White Tube Jig From X Zone Lures

Spring time brings open water season, and new opportunities to try out new tackle. One of the new lures I tried last month was the X Zone white tube soft plastic. Soft plastics in general are pretty versatile, and tube plastics even more so. It was no surprise that I caught fish on it, the real test was whether it could set itself apart from other tube plastics.

Taking it Out

Each spring, I take some time off work and head out to the back country. One of my destinations this year was Wilson Lake, Ontario. This lake holds Lake Trout, Pike, and Walleye, all species which will go after a tube plastic. I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to test it out, and I took a couple white tube plastics from different brands to compare against.


I was a bit skeptical of how effectively I could compare this tube to other brands. After all, nearly every soft plastic manufacturer makes some sort of tube style plastics. What could I really say about just another plain white tube?

As it turns out, X Zone had me covered. Their white tube plastic has the distinct X Zone scent formula, and a lovely salt impregnation. I am convinced that it is these two factors that set these plastics apart and got me bites. Not only did I pull in some really nice fish on them, but I got bit on the X Zone tubes when other white tubes were getting me nothing.

white tube

White tube plastics are a mystery to me, I have no idea what they are supposed to mimic, but I do know that they work. They will catch bass, walleye, pike, and trout. The X Zone brand, with the scent and salt, will catch you more than the next brand, and that is reason enough to grab some for your tackle box.

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