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Fishing Spot Review: Tooth Lake

What is Tooth Lake?

One of my favorite lakes, Tooth Lake is located in Nopiming Provincial Park. A very clear lake with loads of structure for its local inhabitants, it is approximately a 2.5-3 hour trip from Winnipeg. Once there, you can either portage or drive in the 1 km to the water. The drive in is rough (but not impassable) with a 4×4 truck, so I would recommend coming with an ATV or portage it the first time to better judge if you’re willing to drive down. Be aware, there is no parking by the water, so if you do drive you will need to drive back up to park after unloading.

tooth lake
Clear water and loads of structure define this shield lake

Fish Species

Tooth lake is absolutely dominated by smallmouth bass. If you’re looking to catch bass, you are almost guaranteed to in this lake. I keep to the shorelines mainly, although in most places on the lake, I’ve caught bass. The northern pike are also everywhere (as they tend to be), and you’re bound to catch them in the same locations you fish for bass. Other species in the lake are whitefish and perch. While I have never fished for whitefish, I know of some nice ones to come out of the lake each year. Lastly, there are persistent rumors of walleye lurking in the depths, but I’ve never seen nor heard of one caught here.

Tooth Lake, home of trophy bass

Angling Pressure / Access

Due to the difficulty of getting boats into Tooth Lake, the pressure is relatively light for a lake that’s close to the road. Furthermore, there is no camping on this lake, limiting pressure as well. For the adventurous, however, you can drive smaller 12-14 ft boats in on your 4×4 truck, as well as portaging canoes or kayaks. Thus, while remote, it’s a location that is going to see some pressure. Because of the very shallow bay that the trail ends on, shore fishing isn’t really an option. You will need a boat, canoe, or kayak to access any decent fishing on this lake.

The kayak is our fishing vessel of choice

Fishing Tooth Lake

Tooth Lake is one of the best spots to go when you really want to catch some smallmouth bass. It is extremely rare to get skunked on this lake, and the bass are hungry nearly year round. Because its somewhat remote and the angling pressure is low, I find that a good variety of lures will work. Various crank baits, soft plastics, swim baits, and spoons will be bitten readily. Without even targeting them, you are also quite likely to catch pike on all the same lures. To really round it out, a small jig and minnow or worm through the ice can net you some trophy sized whitefish in the winter months. All in all, for what you target in this lake, its extremely productive and beginner friendly.

Jesse with one of his first smallmouth bass

Final Thoughts

Overall, this lake is one of the more beautiful lakes in the Nopiming. The water is crystal clear and the shoreline consists of a variety of granite cliffs and jack pine forest. It’s right on the edge of what I would consider a day trip from Winnipeg, but one could camp at Black lake nearby and make a weekend out of it. With a healthy bass and pike population it’s a great spot to take a beginner, or to break that unlucky streak of your own. Every year I make the journey to this lovely lake and I am never skunked, I absolutely love it.

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