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Hatch Spin, get deep! From Lunkerhunt – The Hookup

The Hatch Spin, from Lunkerhunt

Hey everyone, for today’s review I am talking about the Hatch Spin, from Lunkerhunt. This came to me in a box from Simple Fishing, a Canadian focused fishing tackle subscription box. I have received a few of these lures over the last year. The realistic paint job and solid metal body always impress me. One of the challenges of catching big pike and walleye in the summer is getting down deep enough. These Hatch Spin lures, with their 1oz of solid metal, make it easy to get down to those locations. The realistic paint job and flashy blade help attract the fish once you are down there.

Taking it Out

Since I have received the Hatch Spin a couple of times now, I have had ample opportunity to use it. Most commonly I have taken it out on Tooth and Black lakes, fishing for pike mainly. Tooth lake in particular is always excellent for testing lures, since it is full of very aggressive pike and bass. Normally when fishing for big pike I would use bigger lures such as spoons or large diving crank baits. However, when those big fish are not as active, for example during the summer, sometimes less is more. Big pike will often wait at the bottom of a ledge or dropoff for sick or dying fish to flutter down to the bottom, giving them an easy meal for little expended effort. This is the type of area I targeted when using the Hatch Spin, aiming for the bottom of some big rock ledges.


The Hatch Spin performed admirably for what I wanted to do. The compact but heavy lure casts like a bullet and sinks like a stone. I was easily able to put it exactly where I wanted to on the water, and could rely on it sinking straight down from where it hit the surface. This allowed me to have good success pulling in pike that were lurking along those edges. One thing I did have to be aware of was potential snags along the bottom. As I mentioned, this lure sinks fast! If I wasn’t careful, I would often let the Hatch Spin sink directly into a snag and spend a couple minutes getting it out. This is largely user error though as I was not paying attention to the structure I was fishing. Once I realized my mistake and paid attention to where I was putting the lure, I had no more issues. I was able to cover a lot of water and pull in a good amount of fish on this great little chunk of painted metal.

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