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Black River, Paddling 100km in 4 days

This summer our friends Lyndon and Shane took a canoe trip down the Black River. Black River is a beautiful shield river that winds it’s way through Nopiming Provincial Park, here in Manitoba. Their journey took them 4 days and they covered over 100km of river as well as numerous tough portages. Nopiming Park, pure shield Nopiming Provincial Park, as…

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Joy Ride

Finally got out on the quad for the first time this year. It was good, even though I didn’t have anywhere in particular to go so I decided to head to my parents and see how long of a ride it would be, for future reference. It turned out pretty decently, and took only 40 minutes which was about what…

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3 days on the Seagrim Lake Chain

It was looking to be a beautiful week as we headed out early Tuesday morning into Nopiming Provincial Park and made our way to the Seagrim Lake Canoe Route. Mid-20’s and sunny, just the way I like it. Where to go? A friend of mine (Lyndon) had recently bought a canoe. He was eager to try out some camping with…

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