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Tree Stand Setup with Dave, Tips and Tricks

Tree Stand Tree stands, there are many different kinds out there. Climbers, Hang-on, Platforms, and etc. By far my favorite are the ladder style tree stands. Like other aspects of hunting, they take a bit of work to set up and prepare for the season. Once you do, however, you are rewarded with a fantastic view and a big advantage…

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Prep work, readying up for a successful hunt

Prep work is an important part of any hunting season. Successful hunts rarely happen by pure luck. You need to put in the time and effort if you want to be rewarded by the end of the season, and in particular, if you want to do so in a responsible manner. With my particular bad luck, I am sure to…

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Field to Freezer, a Hard Season Ends

Well, once again the year comes to an end and hunting season comes to a close. I had success, I had failure, and all in all it was a good productive season with plenty of new experiences. One of the main goals is always to stock up on meat for the new year, and in that regard I can’t complain.…

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Persistence Pays Off

It was a long and frustrating October, with nothing to show for my hours and hours of hunting with my bow and then my muzzle loader. The weather was overall very nice and warm all month, which made it harder to find deer as they weren’t moving around much yet, but I was out there every chance I got which…

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Highs and Lows of Hunting With my Bow

It’s been an interesting few weeks. Deer season has been open for archery only and I, along with my wife and my cousin, have been trying very hard to harvest animals with our bows for the first time. I’ve had everything I need, the gear, the time, and some great locations to hunt in, but the experience has been a mix…

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Not all Fun and Games

  It’s been quite a while now since I’ve gone on an adventure, as some may have noticed. As it turns out, there’s a lot of work involved in having fun. Hunting season has been fast approaching, and so I’ve been busy preparing for that. I will be staying local this year and am going to try very hard to…

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