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5 Tips for Back Country Fishing

Spring has arrived, which means I’ve been spending as much time as possible in remote areas, camping and back country fishing. Remote lakes certainly have their perks, among them low angling pressure and healthy fish populations. Indeed, if you plan it out properly, it can sometimes feel like cheating. Back country fishing also has it’s own set of challenges, however,…

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ice fishing

Ice Fishing, my First Real Hardwater Season

Winter of 2018-2019 has been my first real ice fishing season. Of course, I’ve ice fished before, but I’ve always relied on other people and their gear. This was the first season I was able to actually go ice fishing on my own, with all my own gear, and even take other people with me! Though the season is not…

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Brereton Lake, Big Space, Tough Ice Fishing

This week I had the opportunity to go ice fishing on Brereton Lake with Dave, Evan, and Ben. While I’ve obviously known Dave for awhile, this would be my first time meeting either Ben or Evan. We would be targeting crappie in particular, although I know from experience that there are also walleye and pike. I was looking forward to…

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elite walleye

Random Lure of the Month: Elite Walleye Slam

It’s slamming time, and this month it’s the Elite Walleye box from Simple Fishing. For those unfamiliar, a slam involves taking the box out and attempting to catch a fish on each lure. You can see my previous slam with the pike box here. This month’s slam turned out to be a little silly and a lot of fun.  …

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Random Lure Of The Month: Elite Pike Slam

It’s time for another slam! Entering the arena for this slam is Simple Fishing’s RLM Elite, pike edition. Adam will be completing this challenge with the tackle received from last month’s unboxing. For those of you who are regular readers, you may remember we gave June’s RLM Elite a glowing review. We’re happy to report our praise was not misplaced.…

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