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Sunfish, from Lucky Strike 

Today’s review is the Sunfish, from Lucky Strike’s Live Series of lures. The Live Series is a set of lures using photo-realistic paint jobs to mimic a variety of fish. There is imitations of walleye, perch, bass crappie, and more. The Sunfish came to me in a box from Simple Fishing. I have received a number of jointed lures from them over time, but the Sunfish is fairly unique so far with its jointed sections held together with rubber fins.

Taking it Out

With the lifelike paint job and realistic swimming action, I wanted to take this lure somewhere with clear water where it could really be appreciated. I ended up going to the Winnipeg River to play around with it in the fall time. With no bright flash or rattle, the Sunfish is a lure that would be wasted in murky water unless you are adding scent or another type of attractant to it. In slightly stained to clear water conditions however, it will really stand out as a tempting bait.


In the water, the Sunfish looks amazing. With the fabric joints, the swimming action is silky smooth. The rubber fins along the top and bottom keep the swim pattern nice and tight and in line to keep it looking realistic. This avoids the “snake-like” look that some jointed baits end up with from using the full range of motion of the fabric. We end up with a great swimming action at any speed of retrieval.  

Normal swim depth for this lure is 0-2ft, however the head of the lure is weighted with a 3/4 OZ weight. This lets the lure sink as far as you want before you start your retrieve, so you can still fish the bottom if you want. One interesting method of using this lure is to use a bottom bouncer or similar weight and have the Sunfish on a lead. With this setup you can troll it and take advantage of the lifelike swim action at a variety of depths. Either casting and retrieving, trolling it, or letting it sink and pulling it back to the surface, this is a versatile lure that can target a variety of species in a variety of scenarios. Predators such as Pike and Walleye in particular go crazy over this bait, and it will be a great addition to any tackle box.

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