Fishing Spot Review: Black Lake

What is Black Lake? Black Lake, home to some of my best and worst fishing and camping trips. This lake holds a special place in my heart, and every time I think it’s hit a low point and get fed up with it, it draws me back in with a new high. Located in Nopiming Provincial Park, Black Lake is…

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tooth lake review

Fishing Spot Review: Tooth Lake

What is Tooth Lake? One of my favorite lakes, Tooth Lake is located in Nopiming Provincial Park. A very clear lake with loads of structure for its local inhabitants, it is approximately a 2 hour trip from Winnipeg. Once there, you can either portage or drive in the 1 km to the water. The drive in is rough (but not…

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the Red River catfish

Fishing Spot Review: The Red River

Ah the Red River. I grew up seeing this River almost every day, but never really appreciated it until recently. Fishing the Red River is an extremely common pastime here. Despite the large angling pressure it receives throughout the year, however, it still provides a productive and accessible fishing experience. What is the Red River? A big river with some…

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RLM Elite Walleye [January 2020]

So long 2019, and hello 2020! We are starting off the year by preparing for open water fishing with some great hooks from Simple Fishing. RLM Elite brings one more high quality Walleye box prior to the break their taking over the next few months. Unboxing the January 2020 RLM Elite Walleye Box… As stated above, this box will not…

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RLM Elite Ice Box [December 2019]

Oooohhh the weather outside is frightful, but the ice shack is soo delightful! We are into ice fishing season in Manitoba and simple fishing has brought out their RLM Elite ice box to help you catch some fish through the ice. Unboxing the December RLM Elite Ice Box Adam reviews this box in his cozy ice fishing shack with his…

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RLM Elite Pike [December]

Lakes and rivers have shed their waves for ice and is now populated by huts rather than boats. As we approach the darkest days of the year, RLM Elite December edition has a pike box to brighten up your day, or perhaps brighten up an angler’s day that is hard to shop for this holiday season. Unboxing the December Elite…

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RLM Elite Pike [October]

Tis the season for spooky tales and Octobers RLM elite box targets the monster I am sure is featured in scary tales told around a fish’s version of a bonfire. Its the monster that eats all the bad fry that leave the weeds, the nightmare fueled Pike. Unboxing the October Elite Pike box… This box did not disappoint and can…

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Mystery Tackle Box Elite [September 2019]

The leaves are beginning to fall and the nights are getting colder, fall is here. But before we start thinking about ice fishing in Manitoba, Mystery Tackle Box September Elite is dropping off a jammed packed box aimed at some big old bass. Unboxing the September Elite Bass Box Boy this September Elite box was more stuffed then me after…

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