april elite pike

RLM Elite Pike [April 2019]

Happy Easter weekend to one and all. Easter is a solid marker of spring arriving, and I am getting antsy to get out on the water. My Simple Fishing Elite box helps calm my nerves while I wait impatiently for the season. This month I opted for the Pike box again because that will be my main target in the…

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Lil Hustler

Lil’ Hustler Husslin’ the Panfish – The Hookup

Lil’ Hustler from Southern Pro It’s been a while since I did a Hookup review, and this one is all about that Hustle. Specifically, the Lil’ Hustler from Southern Pro Tackle. I received this in a box early in my Mystery Tackle Box subscription, and just this winter finally tried them out. Although this was my first real season going…

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ltb march walleye

Lucky Tackle Box Walleye [March 2019]

March Walleye This week Adam unboxed the LTB March Walleye box from Lucky Tackle Box. This was Adam’s first unboxing of the LTB walleye series boxes. Adam’s experience with LTB so far has involved bass, multi-species, and some ice fishing series boxes. Unboxing the March Walleye Box Upon opening the LTB Walleye Box initial impressions are uncertain. Adam finds some…

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mtb march pro

Mystery Tackle Box Pro [March 2019]

March Pro Walleye It’s finally here, spring has arrived! Adam is looking forward to some open water fishing. This week Adam unboxed the MTB March Pro Walleye box from Mystery Tackle Box with some nice walleye lures and baits. Unboxing the March Pro Walleye Box Opening up the March Pro Walleye box revealed a nice selection of plastics, diving cranks,…

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ice fishing

Ice Fishing, my First Real Hardwater Season

Winter of 2018-2019 has been my first real ice fishing season. Of course, I’ve ice fished before, but I’ve always relied on other people and their gear. This was the first season I was able to actually go ice fishing on my own, with all my own gear, and even take other people with me! Though the season is not…

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feb elite

Mystery Tackle Box Elite [Feb 2019]

Feb Elite Bass It’s bass time! This week Adam unboxed the MTB Feb Elite Bass box from Mystery Tackle Box. This was Adam’s first unboxing in his new studio, featuring some amazing art work from local artist Lorena Ferguson. Spring is slowly inching closer. Bass season will soon be upon us so let’s dive in and see what we awaits us…

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feb pro walleye

Mystery Tackle Box Pro [Feb 2019]

Feb Pro Walleye It’s time! Today I unboxed the Feb Pro Walleye box from Mystery Tackle Box. If last month’s box is any indication, I can expect a good mix of traditional walleye lures as well as a couple that are good for ice fishing. Winter is on it’s way out (hopefully) and spring is fast approaching. This means that…

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crispy mojito wings

Crispy Mojito Chicken Wings, Fun with Food

Mojito Chicken Wings I was home alone for the evening, and craving chicken wings. Over the last couple days I had been having some stomach issues, so I didn’t want anything too greasy or spicy. The simple solution was to bake my own crispy mojito wings at home. Why mojito? Because it’s light, refreshing, and I had the ingredients already…

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