Storm Thunderstick Madflash, The Hookup

Storm Thunderstick Madflash, Ghost Purple UV

The Storm Madflash is part of Storm’s Thunderstick line of lures. The Madflash is a shallow diving bait with a ton of flash as the name implies. Running depth is listed at 1-5′, although going to a full 5′ would take a much faster retrieve speed than most people will use. Using typical retrieve techniques, you can expect this bait to run at about 3′ fairly consistently.

A variety of colors are available for these baits, and I used the Ghost Purple UV. I absolutely love this color and apparently the fish of Manitoba do too.Β  There is a holographic foil of some sort inside which reflects all kinds of light in a big way. Looking at this lure from almost any angle gives you a brilliant flash of silver. Flash of this intensity is rare on lures that I’ve used so far, and it seems to draw in fish from a long ways away.

Taking it Out

I’ve had this lure for the whole summer, and have used it nearly everywhere that I’ve fished. Whenever I struggle to find fish I can count on the Madflash to show me where they are at. Likewise, if I’m in unfamiliar water, I can throw the Madflash to tell me what kind of fish are around.

I use this lure on rivers, ponds, creeks, and lakes. Canadian Shield lakes, such as in Nopiming park, are particularly productive when using this lure. Smallmouth bass and big hungry pike will home in on this bait from what seems like miles away.


Storm has created a fantastic suspending jerkbait in the Madflash. The Thunderstick line in general is a great product, but I feel they really outdid themselves with the Madflash. Speaking about effectiveness, this lure is hard to top. In particular I like the combination of the 3′ running depth, with a nice solid rattle, and a good floating rate.Β  It’s a mix of features that works really well together. As I mentioned earlier, this bait seems to draw in fish from miles away.

Most days that I’m on the water, I use this lure as a searching tool. No matterΒ  where I am I can generally count on this bait showing me what fish are in the area. When I am struggling, or when I am just not sure where the fish are, I simply throw this around in different directions and wait to see what hits it. Something always hits it. Yes, it is really that effective.


The best indication of an effective lure


The Bottom Line

Clearly, this lure works. You can see by the battle scars that fish will go after it and bite down hard. I have caught countless numbers of bass, walleye and pike on the Madflash and I would not hesitate to recommend it. My ghost purple version is chipped and scraped, gouged out and beaten up, because it works. Plain and simple, it works.

You can see the details of it on the Storm website, but they don’t sell them from there. If you want to pick one up (and you should) you can find them on Amazon here.

For the quick down and dirty, check out the video review below.


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