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Liquid Leech

Liquid Willowcat Liquid Leech – Review

Liquid Leech from Liquid Willowcat Liquid Willowcat contacted me a while back asking if I would like to test out their new plastic, the Liquid Leech. The Liquid Leech is a 3.5″ leech shaped plastic. It is scented with attractant, UV enhanced, and aims to realistically mimic a natural leech. Meant to target walleye, trout, and similar game fish, I…

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Jig, The Universal Bait

Jig, Everyone Has Used One I feel like everyone’s first hook they used was the simple jig, well it was mine anyways. It comes in those pre-assembled lure kits you see in the bottom shelf, or attached to a beginner rod for children. It’s my go-to hook when fishing for walleye, and will grab the attention of most fish lurking…

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Storm Thunderstick Madflash, The Hookup

Storm Thunderstick Madflash, Ghost Purple UV The Storm Madflash is part of Storm’s Thunderstick line of lures. The Madflash is a shallow diving bait with a ton of flash as the name implies. Running depth is listed at 1-5′, although going to a full 5′ would take a much faster retrieve speed than most people will use. Using typical retrieve…

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Dynamic Lures J-Spec, The Hookup

Dynamic Lures J-Spec Dynamic Lures‘ J-Spec multi-species jerkbait is a shallow diving lure that comes in a variety of colors. For this review I used the chartreuse shad color. The J-Spec dives down from 1 to 4 feet in depth, and suspends when not reeling. There is a small rattle inside which I really liked for its subtlety. Viewed from…

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Liquid Mayhem walleye attractant, the Hookup

Liquid Mayhem Liquid Mayhem walleye attractant is a -you guessed it- liquid scent meant to attract walleye to bite. The mixture is made of real minnows and garlic, and certainly stinks enough for me not to question it. I don’t recommend sampling it inside a small room. Since I was headed out ice fishing with uncle Randy, I figured this…

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