Not all Fun and Games


It’s been quite a while now since I’ve gone on an adventure, as some may have noticed. As it turns out, there’s a lot of work involved in having fun.

Hunting season has been fast approaching, and so I’ve been busy preparing for that. I will be staying local this year and am going to try very hard to get at least 2 deer for myself. My wife is also taking up hunting for the first time this year, and so we are also hoping she will get a chance to take one with her bow.

Aside from the usual equipment inspections and shooting practice, we have geared up my wife with everything she needs. New arrows, proper broadheads, and of course new clothes.


The antlers are for luck

There has also been the need to scout out some new areas, some familiar trails and some brand new ones. I was checking for any good indications of animals using the area, and I found it immediately, in a variety of forms.



A good sign that the trail might get interesting

The dog of course loved these little outings. We came across one doe in the brush beside the trail that apparently didn’t hear us coming, because she jumped up and let out an almost human-like startled yelp before she sprinted away, which made the dog jump, and i’m pretty sure I peed a little. Once I could breathe normally again though I was glad to see definite signs of deer in the area, it bodes well for the season.



Hurry up!

I enjoy scouting, it gives me a good sense of what I can expect when hunting, but it also takes me into areas I might otherwise not bother to hike in. I often uncover some really beautiful areas or trails that I don’t expect. It is a good way to get out, get some fresh air, and exercise the dog while still being productive in my preparations.


This is one of the beautiful hidden areas I did not expect to find in the terrain I was scouting

Of course it’s not all about just taking a leisurely stroll in the woods and calling it scouting, there is also real work to be done, such as setting up tree stands. I now have two stands set up in two different areas, one of my own and one provided by a friend, and so they needed to be inspected, set up, the view checked out, branches cleared out of the way, etc. It’s a fair bit of work but very much worth it once you are sitting up there with the bow or rifle.


A beauty of a view

Of course, the polite thing to do is introduce yourself to all your new neighbors…



It also helps when you can stand back and ‘supervise’ someone else doing the hard work.


I’m “helping”

I kid, in truth hunting is rarely a completely solo process. From scouting, to set up, to the hunt itself, recovery, dressing, hanging, and processing, there is always opportunity to get and to give help.

Hunting is very much a group activity and a great way to bring people together, family, friends or otherwise. This point is driven home to me every year, and I have yet to actually have a single hunting season where I went through everything on my own, nor would I want to. I’m always thankful for the time I get to spend with various people during all parts of the season, and I look forward to it every year.



Ready to rock

With my preparation complete, and archery season now open, I am looking forward to putting in some more time on the water, and of course I’m hoping to be posting again soon with a nice big buck.

Wish me luck!

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