tree stand

Tree Stand Setup with Dave, Tips and Tricks

Tree Stand

Tree stands, there are many different kinds out there. Climbers, Hang-on, Platforms, and etc. By far my favorite are the ladder style tree stands. Like other aspects of hunting, they take a bit of work to set up and prepare for the season. Once you do, however, you are rewarded with a fantastic view and a big advantage in tagging that monster deer.

Dave picked up his first tree stand this week, a ladder style. He brought it to my place and together we got it set up in a prime hunting area. With a 17 foot height, and supported by a strong, straight poplar, he now has a comfortable perch to spend the weekend in. When you have precious little spare time, like Dave, you want to give yourself every advantage you can in order to be successful on the hunt. A ladder stand is a great way to do that, and this stand, in this particular location, is sure to help him fill his freezer.

You can watch the full video below to see how the ladder stand goes up. We go over safety tips and advice for using it effectively. Dave will also show off the view from the top, looking down into his new hunting area. You can see the rest of the True North Wilds Youtube channel, where we feature vlogs, reviews, and other outdoor adventures. Don’t forget to leave us a like and subscribe while you are there. Thanks for watching!



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