hatch spin

Hatch Spin, get deep! From Lunkerhunt – The Hookup

The Hatch Spin, from Lunkerhunt Hey everyone, for today’s review I am talking about the Hatch Spin, from Lunkerhunt. This came to me in a box from Simple Fishing, a Canadian focused fishing tackle subscription box. I have received a few of these lures over the last year. The realistic paint job and solid metal body always impress me. One of…

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ltb ice

Lucky Tackle Box Ice Box [November, 2018]

Lucky Tackle Box Hey everyone, for this Lucky Tackle Box unboxing I tried something different. Since I was getting a LTB Ice Fishing box, I decided to open it up while I was out on the ice actually fishing. Obviously this is a very late opening for a November box, however I can’t blame LTB for that. Our postal service…

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mtb elite dec

Mystery Tackle Box Elite [Dec 2018]

MTB Elite Dec 2018 This month brings us the return of my Mystery Tackle Box Elite Bass box. I originally got the MTB Elite earlier in the year when I tried it out for a few months. Back then, I had decided that the value was not there for me, since I also get the Pro box. I decided to…

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tree stand

Tree Stand Setup with Dave, Tips and Tricks

Tree Stand Tree stands, there are many different kinds out there. Climbers, Hang-on, Platforms, and etc. By far my favorite are the ladder style tree stands. Like other aspects of hunting, they take a bit of work to set up and prepare for the season. Once you do, however, you are rewarded with a fantastic view and a big advantage…

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Larva, fits in with the bugs, by Fanatik Baits – The Hookup

The Larva, from Fanatik Lures The review today is for the 3.5″ Larva plastic, from Fanatik Baits.  This came to me in a box from Simple Fishing, a Canadian focused fishing tackle subscription box. I had received a few packs of Fanatik plastics in previous RLM Elite boxes, and was always impressed by the quality. The Larva immediately reminded me of the mayfly…

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oct mtb

Mystery Tackle Box Pro [Oct 2018]

It’s that time again to unbox a Mystery Tackle Box Pro, Walleye edition. I was looking forward to the Oct MTB because during this time of the year the walleye come down from the big lakes and into the local rivers. Anytime I can add some walleye gear to my arsenal, especially around now, I get excited. Receiving this box was slightly bittersweet,…

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RLM Elite Walleye Unboxing [October 2018]

Christmas every two months! That’s what it’s like having a subscription to the Simple Fishing RLM Elite box. My October RLM was no exception, and I sure do need all the walleye help I can get. This fall has been a tough nut to crack when it comes to walleye fishing. Uncle Randy and I have barely pulled in anything…

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