feb elite

RLM Elite Pike Box [Feb 2019]

Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all. It’s the day of love, and I love getting new lures in the mail! My Simple Fishing Elite box comes every 2 months, and it’s always a great time when it does. This month I opted for the Pike box, for no real reason other than I really miss Pike fishing. I expected…

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ltb ice

Lucky Tackle Box Ice Fishing [January, 2019]

LTB Ice Fishing box, Jan-2019 This month sees another attempt at an LTB Ice Fishing box. Lucky Tackle Box didn’t seem to have it dialed in back in November. December brought another poor attempt that I didn’t even bother making a video for. Perhaps January will break the streak of mediocrity? My hopes were not high going into this review.…

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jan pro

Mystery Tackle Box Pro [Jan 2019]

Jan Pro Walleye Box It’s a little late, but today I unboxed the MTB Pro Walleye box for January. I was hoping for some good ice fishing lures from this Jan pro box. There is no open water anywhere near me, and all my fishing right now is through the ice. Mystery Tackle Box did not disappoint with this box,…

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zombie maxx

Ice Fishing the Zombie Maxx, from Lucky Bug

In this video I talk about fishing the Zombie Maxx from Lucky Bug Lures through the ice. This is not a traditional ice fishing lure. The restrictions of jigging through the ice would seem to work against it. You wouldn’t normally think of a jointed swim bait for jigging, however the Zombie Maxx can be surprisingly effective if used right.…

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ball tail grub

Ball Tail Grub, from Crazy Hick Baits – The Hookup

Ball Tail Grub from Crazy Hick Baits This week’s Hookup review is about the Ball Tail Grub, from Crazy Hick Bait Co. I received this in my Ice Fishing Elite box from Simple Fishing. Although I had never before really targeted panfish, I loved the look and action of these plastics. It was not too long after opening this box…

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MTB Elite December

Mystery Tackle Box Elite [Dec? 2018]

MTB Elite December … ? It’s time for another MTB Elite December unboxing. What’s that you say? I’ve already done an MTB Elite December unbox? Why yes, yes I have. The shipping and delivery timing of this box continues to confound me. Either the earlier December box was very, very late, or this box is very, very early. I’m not…

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New Year’s Giveaway

Happy New Year’s to everyone, I hope everyone had a great holiday and stayed safe and responsible. To celebrate the start of 2019 I am giving away a bunch of fishing gear! Details Entering the draw is easy! Each person can get 2 draw entries. Follow the links below to both the Facebook post and the Instagram post about this…

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elite ice

Elite Ice Fishing Box from Simple Fishing 2018

Finally! This week my RLM Elite Ice Fishing box arrived from Simple Fishing. The Elite Ice box is a limited quantity item, only 100 were available on release. It is designed as a multi-species box meant to be used through the ice in a variety of locations, on a variety of target species. With a pretty bad experience from a…

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december rlm

RLM Elite Multi-Species [Dec 2018]

Early Christmas! This week I received my December RLM Elite box from Simple Fishing. I decided on the multi-species box for this one. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone with that option. Ice fishing season is upon us here in Manitoba, and so I was hoping to get a lure or two that might be useful in a 10″ hole.…

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Brereton Lake, Big Space, Tough Ice Fishing

This week I had the opportunity to go ice fishing on Brereton Lake with Dave, Evan, and Ben. While I’ve obviously known Dave for awhile, this would be my first time meeting either Ben or Evan. We would be targeting crappie in particular, although I know from experience that there are also walleye and pike. I was looking forward to…

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