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Ice Fishing the Zombie Maxx, from Lucky Bug

In this video I talk about fishing the Zombie Maxx from Lucky Bug Lures through the ice. This is not a traditional ice fishing lure. The restrictions of jigging through the ice would seem to work against it. You wouldn’t normally think of a jointed swim bait for jigging, however the Zombie Maxx can be surprisingly effective if used right.

Zombie Maxx Jointed Swim Bait

As you may know, ice fishing is somewhat limited in the methods you can use. Being restricted to a hole means you need to get creative with your presentations. This is where the Zombie Maxx comes in.

The Zombie Maxx is a swim bait, which means that it needs movement. Jigging this lure in a way that creates movement ends up being pretty easy. The weighted head gives it a great sinking speed and keeps it pointed down. This allows for you to make a good diving presentation when the lure is sinking.

By drawing your rod high up and letting the lure sink at its own speed you create a darting swimming action upwards, and that great diving action downwards. Jigging the lure only a few inches at a time, however, gives it a spastic, twitchy movement of a bait fish in distress. Each time you twitch the rod, the head will rise and fall in an erratic way, in a random direction. These twitchy movements can be irresistible to big predator fish.

Check out the video below for the full talk about this lure and how to make the best use of the Zombie Maxx through the ice. Be sure to like and subscribe to the YouTube channel, as well as checking out our other outdoor adventures. If you have a fishing, hunting, or outdoors product you would like reviewed, be sure andΒ contact me.

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