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feb elite

RLM Elite Pike Box [Feb 2019]

Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all. It’s the day of love, and I love getting new lures in the mail! My Simple Fishing Elite box comes every 2 months, and it’s always a great time when it does. This month I opted for the Pike box, for no real reason other than I really miss Pike fishing. I expected…

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jan pro

Mystery Tackle Box Pro [Jan 2019]

Jan Pro Walleye Box It’s a little late, but today I unboxed the MTB Pro Walleye box for January. I was hoping for some good ice fishing lures from this Jan pro box. There is no open water anywhere near me, and all my fishing right now is through the ice. Mystery Tackle Box did not disappoint with this box,…

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RLM Elite Walleye Unboxing [October 2018]

Christmas every two months! That’s what it’s like having a subscription to the Simple Fishing RLM Elite box. My October RLM was no exception, and I sure do need all the walleye help I can get. This fall has been a tough nut to crack when it comes to walleye fishing. Uncle Randy and I have barely pulled in anything…

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sept mtb

Mystery Tackle Box Pro [Sept MTB, 2018]

It’s that time again to unbox a Mystery Tackle Box Pro, Walleye edition. I was looking forward to the Sept MTB because during this time of the year the walleye come down from the big lakes and into the local rivers. Anytime I can add some walleye gear to my arsenal, especially around now, I get excited. As an added…

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sept ebaits

Ebaits Tackle Box Unboxing [Sept 2018]

Today I unboxed and reviewed my Sept Ebaits Tackle Box. This box is interesting in that they customize your box to fit your fishing profile. Users can set up a fishing profile through the webpage, and choose from a number of variables. Things like brand names, species, fishing styles, and lure styles all factor into what goes into your box.…

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august rlm elite

RLM Elite Walleye Unboxing [August, 2018]

It’s always a treat to check the mail and find that big green box from Simple Fishing waiting for me. My August RLM Elite box was something I was looking forward to getting for awhile now. Going into fall the walleye bite really picks up and the greenbacks start running. The greenback run and fall walleye in general is what…

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Ebaits Tackle Box Unboxing [August, 2018]

Last month, I tried out a new subscription box from Ebaits Tackle Box. It had lofty promises of tailoring your box to fit your personal fishing profile. Though I had minor nitpicks, overall I was impressed. With my Ebaits August box, I changed my fishing profile to see if the box would change to match it. I was pleasantly surprised…

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Lucky Tackle Box Unboxing [July, 2018]

It’s time to crack open a new box. This one is from Lucky Tackle Box. We could definitely use some luck when the days are hot and the fishing is slow. While hoping inside this box we’ll find a weather manipulating device, we have our doubts.  We would instead settle for that one high-performance bait capable of pulling out the…

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LTB Unboxing

Lucky Tackle Box Double Unboxing [May/June, 2018]

You’re in luck! Adam serves up a two-for-one special. Twice the unboxing goodness for the same low price of free-ninety-nine. However, I suggest you don’t get used to it. This special is brought to you by our generous sponsor, a broken camera. Last month, Adam’s main camera met a grisly end. For that reason, this double unboxing will cover both…

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Ebaits Tackle Unboxing [July, 2018]

There’s a newcomer in town going by the name of Ebaits Tackle Box. It arrives on the scene making lofty claims of providing products personalized for each customer based on a fishing profile filled out by the subscriber. If done well, this could set them apart from other subscriptions that only offer tackle based on species. It could also be…

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