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RLM Elite Pike [December]

Lakes and rivers have shed their waves for ice and is now populated by huts rather than boats. As we approach the darkest days of the year, RLM Elite December edition has a pike box to brighten up your day, or perhaps brighten up an angler’s day that is hard to shop for this holiday season. Unboxing the December Elite…

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RLM Elite Pike [ June 2019 ]

Summer weather sure took its sweet time getting here in Manitoba, but now I think we can all agree it has arrived. With summer comes the under water plants, and the always the hungry Pike have taken up their positions. Ready to strike at the juicy contents of this months Simple Fishing Elite Box. In this video we learn what…

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april elite pike

RLM Elite Pike [April 2019]

Happy Easter weekend to one and all. Easter is a solid marker of spring arriving, and I am getting antsy to get out on the water. My Simple Fishing Elite box helps calm my nerves while I wait impatiently for the season. This month I opted for the Pike box again because that will be my main target in the…

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feb elite

RLM Elite Pike Box [Feb 2019]

Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all. It’s the day of love, and I love getting new lures in the mail! My Simple Fishing Elite box comes every 2 months, and it’s always a great time when it does. This month I opted for the Pike box, for no real reason other than I really miss Pike fishing. I expected…

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elite ice

Elite Ice Fishing Box from Simple Fishing 2018

Finally! This week my RLM Elite Ice Fishing box arrived from Simple Fishing. The Elite Ice box is a limited quantity item, only 100 were available on release. It is designed as a multi-species box meant to be used through the ice in a variety of locations, on a variety of target species. With a pretty bad experience from a…

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RLM Elite Walleye Unboxing [October 2018]

Christmas every two months! That’s what it’s like having a subscription to the Simple Fishing RLM Elite box. My October RLM was no exception, and I sure do need all the walleye help I can get. This fall has been a tough nut to crack when it comes to walleye fishing. Uncle Randy and I have barely pulled in anything…

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august rlm elite

RLM Elite Walleye Unboxing [August, 2018]

It’s always a treat to check the mail and find that big green box from Simple Fishing waiting for me. My August RLM Elite box was something I was looking forward to getting for awhile now. Going into fall the walleye bite really picks up and the greenbacks start running. The greenback run and fall walleye in general is what…

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