Outdoors Person of the Month, Rylee


Welcome to our second featured outdoors person of the month. This month, allow me to introduce you to fellow Manitoban Rylee White. While I’ve never met Rylee in person, I have enjoyed following her on Instagram. She posts some fantastic fishing pictures in both open and hard water seasons. I have chatted with her a couple times through messages and she has always been friendly and happy to share some tips and tricks when I ask about the fish she’s posted. Read on to learn more of her story. If you missed last month’s interview you can find it here.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, who you are, what you do, etc.

Currently, I work in agriculture; but am pursuing a degree in education. I have my bachelors degree of science and want to teach high school biology/chemistry/math. I find anything to do with parasites fascinating and I live with my fiancé and our mini zoo at home. We currently have a fish and bearded dragon exhibit and a wild chocolate lab named Loki. (Not sure if we screwed ourselves naming him that or if he was naturally mischievous).

Which outdoor activities do you like to do?

Well, the obvious one, fishing. The not so obvious ones being playing soccer and hiking. Our pup Loki keeps us on our toes and is always pushing us to take him on an outdoors adventure no matter the weather.

How did you first get interested in the outdoors?

My dad was blessed with three little girls and I, being the oldest filled the position of the son he never had. I grew up a tomboy, catching frogs, fishing, and playing in the dirt. I thank my dad for dragging me around in the boat since I was able to hold a fishing rod in my hand.

What is your favorite thing to do outside, and why?

Spending time with my people (including Loki and my parents dog Titan because I like my dogs more than most people) whether it be fishing, hiking, or sitting around a fire.

Where is your favorite place to spend time outdoors?

Toss up between on the lake or on a soccer field. On the lake if we’re catching fish, on the field if we’re winning.

What motivates you to get outdoors?

That awesome hook set and if that doesn’t work, Loki makes sure to let me know he needs a walk by grabbing his leash and walking around the house.

What would you say to encourage other people to get outside more?

Don’t be a couch potato and let life pass you by.

Where can people check out your outdoor adventures online? 

Check me out on Instagram @aliengiirl


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