RLM Elite Pike [October]

Tis the season for spooky tales and Octobers RLM elite box targets the monster I am sure is featured in scary tales told around a fish’s version of a bonfire. Its the monster that eats all the bad fry that leave the weeds, the nightmare fueled Pike.

Unboxing the October Elite Pike box…

This box did not disappoint and can be argued that it set the bar for high quality mystery boxes. They kept their hooks focused on the target species, introduced new companies, and the box literally burst open. The first hook featured would not be ignored as it sprang out from the box…

The biggest of the bunch, but not by much was from Tackle Industries. The appropriately name “Nibbler” is sure to get what it’s name suggests. This monster swim bait features a lifelike rainbow trout appearance, and appears to have the thick skin required to take the “nibbles” from those toothy pike. Next up we have a hook from down under.

The land down under ironically bring us a surface lure. Chase baits is based out of Australia and they provided the “Drunken Mullet” (love the name) for this Elite Box. This Hard plastic combines a jointed action with a paddle spinner to get some serious racket going on at the surface. This hook demands the attention of any fish near by. Finally we check out a tried and true style of hook.

From Lucky Bug Lures, the Zombie max lure makes another appearance to their RLM elite pike box. But you won’t see me complaining as this multi jointed hook uses fabric to connect the joints. And this makes a very smooth action that looks extremely life like. It also comes with a fresh flashy silver/neutral green paint job with a red streak through the middle.

Watch the video below for the full unboxing of the Simple Fishing October Elite Pike box and see a more in-depth look at each lure. For more reviews, unboxings, and outdoor adventures, check out True North Wild’s Youtube channel. If you like the video, don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe buttons! If you have a fishing, hunting, or outdoor product that you would like reviewed, feel free to contact us.

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