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Lucky Tackle Box Ice Fishing [January, 2019]

LTB Ice Fishing box, Jan-2019

This month sees another attempt at an LTB Ice Fishing box. Lucky Tackle Box didn’t seem to have it dialed in back in November. December brought another poor attempt that I didn’t even bother making a video for. Perhaps January will break the streak of mediocrity? My hopes were not high going into this review.

Unboxing the LTB Ice box

As I feared, the LTB Ice box for this month was more of the same. I mean that literally, by the way. It was almost the exact same box that was sent out in November. Opening it up I saw that it was again just 6 packages from the same bait company, Bait Rigs Tackle. To be clear, I have nothing against Bait Rigs and they seem to actually be a pretty decent lure company. I would have an issue with getting a box full of the same brand regardless of the brand it was.

Moving on, the box had more slo-poke jigs, odd-ball jigs, and willow spoons. Just like I got in November. There seems to have been simply no creativity in putting together the LTB Ice Fishing box, and it is definitely not a box I will continue to pay for.

Watch the video below for the full unbox of the LTB Ice Fishing box and see a more in depth look at each lure. For more reviews, unboxings, and outdoor adventures, check out True North Wild’s Youtube channel. If you like the video, don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe buttons! If you have a fishing, hunting, or outdoor product that you would like reviewed, feel free to contact me.

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