Liquid Mayhem walleye attractant, the Hookup

Liquid Mayhem

Liquid Mayhem walleye attractant is a -you guessed it- liquid scent meant to attract walleye to bite. The mixture is made of real minnows and garlic, and certainly stinks enough for me not to question it. I don’t recommend sampling it inside a small room.

Since I was headed out ice fishing with uncle Randy, I figured this would be a great opportunity to test this Liquid Mayhem bait out. My only hesitation in trying it out was with the cold weather. Liquids tend to thicken up and congeal when it’s below zero outside, and liquid scents are typically no exception. Figuring that if it worked in the cold it would work anywhere, I brought it along.

liquid mayhem


It’s incredibly hard to objectively assess whether or not a scent is working properly. You simply can’t tell if you are catching fish due to luck, a school moving through, or the scent itself. So we must go purely on subjective feelings about when I used it.

I spent most of the morning using just a jig and minnow with no scent on it. Later in the morning I started smearing fresh scent on my jig every time I dropped it into the water. Smearing on the scent definitely seemed to make a difference. One of the main differences I noticed right away is how long the fish held onto my hook. While I can’t say for sure, it definitely seemed like having the scent on my jig made all the fish hold on just a second or two longer. This is very important in jigging as it gives you an easier time to set the hook properly. Setting the hook properly gives you that much better of a chance to actually bring it up to the surface.

My big catch for the day came early in the afternoon. It had been 15 minutes with no bites, so I brought up my jig and smeared some Liquid Mayhem on. Within 15 seconds of dropping my jig back in the water, I had a big hit. Right off the bat, I could feel it had some good weight to it. Reeling up fast I managed to land a good fat 25″ walleye, which is my biggest fish through the ice yet. Although it’s hard to say for sure that the Liquid Mayhem scent was the reason this big girl took a bite, I definitely feel like it helped. She certainly seemed to hold on tight and let me set the hook longer than the fish I had been catching in the morning without the scent.


The Bottom Line

Concerns about the cold weather affecting the liquid ended up unfounded. The scent was easy to apply and stuck very well to the bait every time I applied it. Each application lasted a number of dips into the water without washing off, which is always an important feature of any liquid scent.

When it comes right down to it, the simple question is whether or not this is worth buying. Without going too in-depth into making a perfectly controlled scientific experiment, I’m going to go ahead and say that this product seemed to work. Based on how it felt to me, and how it seemed to affect the bite while I was using it, I would have no problem recommending this to someone looking for a liquid scent to try out. In the case that I’m looking for a new tube of scent in the future, this is one that I would absolutely feel comfortable buying again.


Find this product at the Liquid Mayhem website, or search for similar products in the fishing section of Amazon.

Check out my quick video review of this scent below.


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