RLM Elite Pike [ June 2019 ]

Summer weather sure took its sweet time getting here in Manitoba, but now I think we can all agree it has arrived. With summer comes the under water plants, and the always the hungry Pike have taken up their positions. Ready to strike at the juicy contents of this months Simple Fishing Elite Box. In this video we learn what Adam’s true priorities are, and he takes us out on the water to show off what the June elite pike box has to offer.

June Elite Pike Unboxing

Does anyone else feel that Jack Fish eyes are bigger than their stomach? Simple fishing seems to agree. They brought out the big guns including a massive swim bait from Live Target. These guys sure know how to make a bait look like a fish. From the eyes, to the scales they do not skip on any details. Finished with a bronze, white coating and the massive paddle tail on this massive lure is sure to catch a hungry pike’s attention.

Did I mention there were big hooks in this box yet? Adam reveals the biggest Blade lure he has ever seen. Being about 3 times bigger than your typical blade lure, Blitz lures is the creator of this monster. The size of this lure will keep the smaller fish at bay and the shinny silver and blue paint job is always a solid color scheme.

Simple Fishing did not stop at just big lures, they also brought big names to this box. Panther Martin, is well known for their spinners and it is well deserved. This spinner has a nice gold finish, along with orange/black feathering. It also boasts a single hook rather than the typical treble hook one generally sees on spinners. This hook will definitely get to know pike very well.

Watch the video below for the full unbox of the June Elite Pike Box and see a more in depth look at each lure. For more reviews, unboxings, and outdoor adventures, check out True North Wild’s Youtube channel. If you like the video, don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe buttons! If you have a fishing, hunting, or outdoor product that you would like reviewed, feel free to contact us.

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