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Gozilla 4″, by Bam Baits

Today, I reviewed the Gozilla 4″ plastic lures from Bam Baits. Bam Baits is a Canadian company and the slogan on their packaging is “True North Tough!” Tough is certainly an accurate description of the Gozilla, as these things are beefy! They of course have a variety of colors and for this review I looked at the Midnight Blue, and Sinner versions. The Midnight Blue is dark colored with blue sparkles and the Sinner is bright pink and white swirled together. Both colors look amazing and really stood out when I tossed them in the water.

Taking Them Out

I took the Gozilla with me to a few different locations and used it in a variety of ways. From the clear water on the Winnipeg River, to the dark stained rocky bottom of Black Lake, and even the murky brown depths of the mighty Red River. I used it with a few different styles of jig heads, and mixed up my retrieve speeds as well. I even dropped it straight down tipped with a minnow and vertically jigged it.


The Gozilla lure is well designed with a great body shape. The plastic is incredibly durable and will last through a lot of bites, snags, and switching hooks. When pulling this plastic through the water the paddle tail gives a good action whether retrieved fast or slow.  The colors stand out really well and the pink and white Sinner in particular really pops. Bam Baits are made in Canada and it shows, as these lures are clearly well designed for the typical sport fish we see here. Pike, walleye, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and lake trout will all be interested in the shape and size of the Gozilla. In addition to the quality of the plastic itself, the 4″ size and action of the paddle tail is perfect for enhancing the profile of other lures such as skirted jigs or buck-tail jig heads. Grab some of these today if you want a high quality, versatile plastic to improve your tackle box.

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