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Fusion Extreme, from Lucky Bug – The Hookup

Fusion Extreme, by Lucky Bug

This week I reviewed the Fusion Extreme from Lucky Bug. A multi-species crankbait with variable diving depth. I received this lure in one of my RLM Elite boxes from Simple Fishing. They have a variety of colors and I have received a few different ones so far. Bright, durable paint and a unique shape makes this lure really stand out both in and out of the water. A pair of treble hooks hang front and back, and are good quality.

Taking it Out

To test this lure out I took it to a few different locations. It was with me on my canoe trip into the Woodland Caribou Provincial Park with Colin. I also made good use of it on a day trip into Tooth Lake, my favorite bass waters. During my RLM Slam for July it was one of the challenge lures that I had success with. As you can see, I put the Fusion Extreme through the paces, with a variety of different water conditions and target species.


The Fusion Extreme is a well designed lure all around. Being a sinking lure, it gives you options as to what depth you want to fish it. You can also vary your retrieve speed to achieve different depths, making this an all around versatile bait. A good consistent wobble in the water gives it an irresistible action that attracts all kinds of fish. I had success fishing for Pike, Smallmouth Bass, and Perch. As a multi-species lure, the Fusion Extreme performs extremely well. Lucky Bug has done admirably in developing this little crankbait and I would have no problem recommending it to anyone.

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