feb pro walleye

Mystery Tackle Box Pro [Feb 2019]

Feb Pro Walleye

It’s time! Today I unboxed the Feb Pro Walleye box from Mystery Tackle Box. If last month’s box is any indication, I can expect a good mix of traditional walleye lures as well as a couple that are good for ice fishing. Winter is on it’s way out (hopefully) and spring is fast approaching. This means that no matter the type of lures I get, I’ll be able to put them to the test soon enough. So let’s dive in and see what we got this month.

Unboxing the Feb Pro Walleye Box

Opening up the Feb Pro Walleye box it looked a little more full than usual. A card on top explained why. It mentioned that since I might have a duplicate lure, that they included an extra bait in this box to make up for it. Fine by me.

The first few packages held soft plastics in a variety of shapes and colors. Riot is a new brand to me that I’m looking forward to trying out, especially with the nice purple tinged coloration. Smart Baits is always a win, and of course, the mustache plastics made me smile even if they were the wrong size.

A few hard baits, including one of my favorites the Fusion Extreme from Lucky Bug, took us to our last lure. The one thing I was hoping for was an ice fishing lure, and MTB delivered with a Lunkerhunt Jigging Minnow style lure.

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