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Random Lure of the Month: Elite Walleye Slam

It’s slamming time, and this month it’s the Elite Walleye box from Simple Fishing. For those unfamiliar, a slam involves taking the box out and attempting to catch a fish on each lure. You can see my previous slam with the pike box here. This month’s slam turned out to be a little silly and a lot of fun.


Elite Walleye Slam, with a twist!

As usual, the RLM Elite Walleye was packed full of high quality lures that were a pleasure to fish. While I was looking forward to catching some big fall walleye, it turned out that the greenback run hadn’t quite started yet.

I didn’t let that stop me though, and pushed ahead with the slam, completing a fun little challenge using the box. You can watch the video below to see what the challenge was and how it ended up. If you like this video, check out the rest of our YouTube channel for more like it.

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