Colin, Outdoors Person of the Month for June


June’s featured Outdoors Person of the Month is my good friend Colin. I’ve known Colin for years as one of my brother’s friends, and recently have been spending more time with him in the outdoors. Colin has joined me on several back country camping and fishing trips as well as a number of day trips. We have caught a lot of fish, drank a lot of beer, and suffered a lot of mosquito bites together. Colin is a true outdoors enthusiast and one of the few people I actually trust to handle multiple days in the deep bush with me. He has joined me in some of the most remote and hard to reach areas we have available to us.  Read on below to learn more about him and why he loves the outdoors.

Colin and his first trophy Catfish


Tell us a little bit about yourself, who you are, what you do, etc.

Hi fellow adventurers! My name is Colin Wiebe. I currently do framing and general contracting as well as going back to school to eventually get a degree in geology. I can’t stand working inside so I’ve had an outdoor job my whole life from an automotive refueling technician (gas jockey), to pipe-lining and carpentry.  

Which outdoor activities do you like to do?

It is probably easier to list the things I don’t enjoy doing to be honest. Obviously fishing, whether it be hiking along the lake side or in a bass boat. During the winter months I love snowmobiling, Heck I even enjoy plowing the driveway or mowing the grass. Any excuse to get outside.


Re-thinking the decision to take this small river…

How did you first get interested in the outdoors?

I Was raised in a semi-rural area so outside was play time. Stick fights, tossing around a pigskin, or kicking around a soccer ball was the way I had fun. The friends I chose to hang with also had similar interests. Like the saying goes “bigger boys, bigger toys,” then came the snowmobiles and the boats. The biggest factor getting me involved with the outdoors was my father, probably like most young kids. We did a bunch of canoe and portage routes in the Nopiming Provincial Park as well as just day trips hitting up the sides of lakes seeing if anything would bite. Done some grouse hunting as well, tasty little birds.  

What is your favorite thing to do outside, and why?

My favorite thing by far is doing a solid portage to a lake that keeps the general public (and angling pressure) away from it. The sense of achievement and the rewarding fishing to follow is a great feeling.

Catching nice fish is always fun

Where is your favorite place to spend time outdoors?

Definitely the Nopiming Provincial park by far. So many memories from that park. And the fishing never seems to disappoint. Not to take away from any of the other great wilderness out there, but it’s basically my second home.

What motivates you to get outdoors?

Hard question to answer. I’ve always been drawn to the outdoors. There is that rush that comes with the activities I do that also comes along with quiet sense of serenity. Enjoying the quiet yet busy forest, almost getting lost in it, forgetting what you’re doing, then BAM fish on. Just that mix of feelings is great I believe. But more importantly it’s about making memories with friends and family for me.


What would you say to encourage other people to get outside more?

Sure going outside involves bugs, sunburn and breaking a sweat. If you’re trying it out for the first time you may learn that catching fish involves slime and getting stinky, or that toilet paper is a key factor in camping and that using leaves can be dangerous. But the thrill of landing that fish, or the sense of accomplishment from conquering a daunting portage or hike. Finding that field of fresh powder or simply sitting by the bonfire getting lost in the dance of the flames. Or just simply hanging out with friends or family making memories makes all those issues with being outside seem insignificant. Put simply IT’S FUN!


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