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Bird River Route, 3 Days of Fishing and Camping

Late this June, a couple good friends and I spent 3 days paddling, camping, and fishing. For our destination, we chose the Bird River Route. The Bird River Route begins with a launch at Tulabi Falls campground, in Nopiming Provincial Park. From there you head east, passing through Tulabi, Elbow, and McGregor lakes. For the more adventurous paddler, the river…

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Black River, Paddling 100km in 4 days

This summer our friends Lyndon and Shane took a canoe trip down the Black River. Black River is a beautiful shield river that winds it’s way through Nopiming Provincial Park, here in Manitoba. Their journey took them 4 days and they covered over 100km of river as well as numerous tough portages.   Nopiming Park, pure shield Nopiming Provincial Park,…

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Fishing and Camping at Black Lake

Recently, I took a camping and fishing trip with some friends into Black Lake, in the Nopiming Provincial Park. We spent 3 days fishing, had a beautiful campsite, and perfect weather. A Rocky Start Our first day had a rocky start, at least for me. Colin and myself drove out early in the morning, with Brendon and Riley to meet…

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