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RLM Elite Pike [August 2019]

September is almost here and so is school. But schools of fish are always in session, and RLM Elite’s August Pike box is looking to hook these toothy predators.

Unboxing the August Elite Pike Box…

Simple Fishing hit the mark with this August Elite box, as usual. The theme of this box could be described as big and brightly colored, sure to catch some big pike’s attention. Adam begins by pulling out an oldie but a goody.

Ye olde wooden plug begins this unboxing. By Lucky Strike, this classic clicking lure is finished off with with a bright white coat of paint with red polka dots. You can tell this was made for the way a pike strikes it’s prey as the bottom treble hooks are angled backwards.

Next up from Tackle Industries, comes the Super Cisco. This diving lure with an unique profile reaches depths of 20ft. Finished of with the “chicken pox” paint job, which is a light green base and dark polka dots that brighten up towards the center.

Now we reach a lure that can be considered a multi species lure. This life like minnow lure from Dynamic Lures has that typical shiny minnow color scheme and shape. What sets this one apart, is that you can adjust the weight. From floating to sinking, or suspending, it is like three hooks in one!

Watch the video below for the full unboxing of the Simple Fishing August Elite Pike box and see a more in-depth look at each lure. For more reviews, unboxings, and outdoor adventures, check out True North Wildโ€™s Youtube channel. If you like the video, donโ€™t forget to hit the like and subscribe buttons! If you have a fishing, hunting, or outdoor product that you would like reviewed, feel free to contact us.

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